BOLD eCommerce by Dacsa

Getting an online presence for your eCommerce business is easy. Being profitable is much harder. Competition is fierce and growing, reducing your margins. And customer loyalty is low, making every mistake count. You need to be on top of the whole process of buying, selling and delivering online. Much effort is spent on the shopping cart and its layout. Although it is important, it doesn’t stop there. Without an efficient supporting system for handling the orders, deliver with precision and having the right products in stock your chances of success are very limited. Dacsa provides all the back-end functionality you need to make your business profitable. BOLD by Dacsa will help you manage all those manual, boring, time consuming, error prone tasks that needs to be done to keep your customers satisfied. Or they won’t come back.

At Dacsa we have more than 15 years of experience selling and delivering products online. More than 10 million orders and 55 million items have been delivered through our solutions. Some of our customers deliver more than 7000 orders per day. And they make money. So can you!

To be successful online there are four key processes you need to excel in:

Sell with Confidence

Trust that all orders can be delivered. That you have a competitive, yet profitable price on each item. That no order will be lost because customers cannot find what they are looking for.

Fulfill with Options

There is no single, correct way to fill your orders. Each order is different, items run out of stock, suppliers run out of stock, prices change. Still, orders need to be processed automatically and efficiently.

Deliver with Precision

It doesn’t matter how much you sell, if you cannot deliver. Fast, accurate and reliable deliveries. Every time. All the time.

Purchase with Power

Cost of goods may be your largest cost. Being able to buy at better prices is crucial. Successful procurement increases cash flow, decreases storage costs and minimizes lead times.

BOLD by Dacsa will support you in all these areas, giving you the tools you need to excel and be successful.