Drop Shipment

An alternative to warehousing and purchasing items is to use a Drop Shipment model. DACSA has extensive support for using drop shipment as a delivery method. For orders with several products there may be many different suppliers to pass the order to. DACSA can easily be customized to select the best sourcing option for every customer. Normally it is based on cost or minimizing the number of packages being sent to the customer. Each customer order generates one or more purchase orders to your suppliers. Orders can be sent using e-mail or fax, without the need for integrations and customizations.

On the purchase order is a link and a QR code, for use with smart phones, where the supplier easily can confirm shipped item quantities and tracking numbers. The order in DACSA will be updated and the customer notified of all status changes. Depending on the capacities of your suppliers, the process can be automated using EDI.