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We are proud to present BOLD by Dacsa to you!

It is the result of many years of experience of eCommerce and a few years of development effort. We have in the past helped customers to develop from nothing to a multi-billion enterprise. All lessons learned from that journey – and a few more – have been the foundation of the BOLD solution.

We kept all the automation, stability, performance and work processes that helped Dustin evolve through the past 20 years, but reworked the architecture, platform and technology to make it even more appealing. Just imagen what you could do with a system that has been known to deliver more than 7000 orders per day with virtually no incorrect deliveries and no downtime. Ever.

The new solution is packed with sophisticated functionality for all business processes needed to successfully run an eCommerce operation. Multi-warehousing, cross-docking, drop-shipment, automated pricing to name a few.

We also included a tight integration to a premiere cash register just in case you want to be omni-channel. And whay wouldn’t you ? It doesn’t require any extra effort.

We have invested a lot of time and resources into the solution. I firmly beleive it is worth it and I’m very exited to be able to provide the solution to you. It’s a pretty bold move.

Do you Dare to be Bold?


Anders Jerkérus

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