One of the hardest parts of running an e-commerce business is to manage the delicate balance of supply and demand. The time an item spends at the warehouse must be minimized to avoid tying up capital and incur storage costs. At the same time backorders should be avoided as this also ties up capital and lead to slower deliveries to your customers. It is therefore essential to know exactly what to buy and how. DACSA has a number of features that will greatly improve your purchasing capabilities and success:

• Automatic Purchase Requests

• Drafting

• Quote Management

• Purchase Planning

• Multi Supplier Sourcing

• Supplier Management

Automatic Purchase Requests

Purchasing is done for many different purposes. The Automatic Purchase Requests manages the reasons for buying a product. A purchase request can be automatically generated if the warehouse is low on stock or a customer order is placed for items not in stock. All purchase requests are assigned to one or more purchase order drafts. The collection of all Purchase Requests will give you an excellent overview of your purchasing needs.


Drafting allows you to compare and evaluate all different purchasing options before placing any orders. You can evaluate which supplier to buy from, how much to buy and what else to buy from the supplier and compare to other scenarios and combinations.

Procurement Drafting

Quote Management

Quote Management lets you take a draft and send it to a supplier to request a quote for the order. This way all negotiations, updates and evaluations can be done before placing the order. To minimize freight cost and lead times it is often efficient to consolidate purchases from the same supplier, adding more products that need to be bought now or in the near future. Another advantage of consolidating purchases are that you are buying bigger volumes which often leads to a better bargaining position and thus lower prices.

Purchase Planning

The Purchase Planning tool will help you find products that may need to be purchased that can be added to the order. It provides a clear overview of purchase history, stock levels, sales velocity and other relevant information that can affect your decisions.

Multiple Supplier Sourcing

For many industries there are several suppliers offering the same products, especially if you are buying from a distributor network. DACSA will help you find the best sourcing option for your products with the Multiple Supplier Sourcing which can extend your decision beyond just cost. Stock levels, lead times, purchase history, reliability are other pieces of information that should be considered when selecting supplier.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management is a central part of procurement where you store and maintain all suppliers and their product catalogs with stock levels and pricing. Here you can specify if a supplier can provide drop shipments and the preferred methods of delivery and payments, along with basic data such as contact information and addresses.