Bold by Dacsa has a number of ready-to-use integrations to other systems supporting your eCommerce business. New integrations are constantly added when requested by our customers.


Magento is a widely used system for online businesses. BOLD by Dacsa is tightly integrated with Magento which makes it possible to use both systems respective strengths. Products, product information, categories and prices are managed in BOLD and synchronized in real-time to Magento. Orders and Customers are validated in Magento and the synchronized to BOLD. This way all orders and customers can be monitored regardless of the sales channels – order from a physical store and a web shop will end up in the same system and all customer and order history will be available. Customer orders are updated in Magento upon delivery so the customer is fully informed of the status of the order.

Payment Providers

Dacsa is a partner of the most established payment providers in Sweden – Klarna and DIBS. Both are integrated to BOLD by Dacsa to manage orders, returns and payments.


iCore is a transaction engine that is used to manage EDI integrations to other systems. Typically this is used to automatically place purchase orders in your suppliers system or receive uatomated customer orders from you customers purchasing systems. Dacsa is an iCore parnter.


BOLD by Dacsa is tightly integrated to Unifaun and Dacsa is also a partner of Unifaun. Unifaun is used to handle shipments, address labels and communication with shipment providers. This way a vast number of delivery capabilities can be provided to your customers with minimal effort and no need for new integrations when delivery methods are added.


Although BOLD by Dacsa can provide all functionality needed to manage your own warehouse, some customers still use a third party logistics firm to manage their inventory. Dacsa has integrations to a number of different WMS systems such as EPIX, APC and OnGoing.


Integration to virtually any accounting system is done through the use of SIE files. This means that all the major accounting systems such as Visma Hogia, Dynamics and more can be used for accounting. Dacsa also has integrations to US systems such as Quickbooks and Dynamics GP.