Sales Order Management

Creating and managing Sales Orders is probably the most important activity there is in any eCommerce system – after all, this is what it is all about. The Bold Sales Order Management solution provides a perfect balance between simpicity and flexibilty. Entering orders is quick, easy and efficient. All necessary information about products, stock levels and pricing is readily available.

When assigning a customer account to an order, Bold will ensure that only items from the Sales Catalog associated to that customer account can be placed on the order. Available quantities for every products are clearly shown.

Prices can be changed on the order and discounts can be given on both order rows and the whole order and can be specified as either an amount or a rate. All order totals and discounts are clearly shown throught the ordering process.

Additional fees can be specified, such as handling or invoicing fees or freight charges.

On the Sales Order you can also specify how the order should be fulfilled – either using the fulfillment engine of Bold or from a specific warehouse.