Swedish eCommerce grew with 17% during 2013 and the growth is expected to continue in 2014. More and more consumers turn to shopping on the Internet while merchants see it as an opportunity to reach larger groups of customers. Businesses already involved in eCommerce are optimistic about the future and about 70% are expecting increased sales.

To become really successful in eCommerce you need to master a number of different processes:

• Selling with competitive pricing

• Efficient fulfillment of customer orders

• Fast and reliable deliveries

• Purchasing the right products and the correct volumes

Increased awareness among consumers and the ability to easily compare suppliers and prices have dramatically changed the competitive landscape. But at the same time searching the Internet for products is time consuming why customers often have preferred suppliers where they know they can get what they need and how to find it. However, customer loyalty is low. If the customer does not get his ordered goods, or gets it late, he will find another supplier and may be lost forever. Delivering a high quality customer experience is essential to acquire and retain your customer.